90-Day Personal Ease & Release Program

A holistic & transformational 1:1 program for women who tried it all and are ready to once and for all let go of physical or emotional trauma so they can become the person they were always meant to be.

What clients say about working with

“I’ve released more trauma after working with you than in the past 10 years of psychotherapy.”
Fashion Costume Designer
“My teeth grinding was so severe that I needed to sleep with special braces. After working with you the grinding stopped and stayed away and I did not have to wear the braces!”
Founder of Ecrassé
“Why didn’t my health professional tell me this?!”
Professional dancer

“Trauma is not what happens to
you, it is what happens inside you”

Gabor Maté
This program is for the woman who understands that her physical or emotional trauma is an opportunity for deep spiritual healing and not only wants to heal, but deeply transform into the person she was always meant to be. 
Through the unique combination of my signature Yaaya Yoga® & Soft Yoga Methods we work on deeply releasing stored emotional and physical trauma, helping you become the person you always knew you were meant to be. 

This is how we do that:

After working with me your physical symptoms will have disappeared and you will have received deep spiritual healing on issues you haven’t been able to heal from before, so you can move freely through life again and start living the life you know you were meant to live.

What do you get:

Are you interested in how I can help you?

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  • Try not to eat (or very light) 2 hours in advance. Don’t practice yoga on a full stomach.
  • Wear easy (layered) yoga- or sportswear without zippers that will hurt your body or the yoga equipment.
  • Bring socks in case you need them to stay warm.
  • All materials you need will be provided in the studio. All the materials you’ll need for your home practice are included in the price and will be given to you on your first studio session.
  • Please clean the yogaprops you have used in the studio. This is part of a good yoga practice.
  • Should you prefer to bring your own yogamat or props you are welcome to do so.

By participating you agree to the terms and conditions & privacy statement


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